Integrated digitisation of DMG MORI machines with CELOS Machine, and of the shop floor with CELOS Manufacturing.

  • Continuous digital workflows in planning, preparation, production, monitoring and servicing
  • Access to all information that is relevant to production directly at the control point
  • Uniform user interface for all DMG MORI machines


CELOS for continuous digitisation of the shop floor

CELOS in the machine and on the shop floor provides you with support in the integrated digitisation process. The APP-based control and operation system is a key part of CELOS Machine and enables access to all information that is relevant to production via the control system. Intuitive CELOS APPs enable continuous digitisation from the planning stage, right through to manufacturing and service. With the supplementary CELOS PC Version, you can add, manage and transfer production orders directly to the CELOS machine.

DMG MORI provides software solutions for the entire shop floor with CELOS Manufacturing. Thanks to digital workflows, production processes can be managed, controlled and organised. The CELOS product family also includes the IoTconnector to connect the machines to the Digital Factory and the SERVICEcamera to support the customer during servicing.

CELOS APPs for digital workflows



Connecting DMG MORI machines to the Digital Factory

Secure connectivity is the basis for data-based applications, such as monitoring or remote service. We provide the IoTconnector, for example, for networking your existing DMG MORI machine.

IoTconnector RETROFIT KIT​​​​​​​

Retrofitting connectivity is easy

  • Secure networking of existing DMG MORI machines
  • Integrated magnetic holder, as well as USB and ethernet connection
  • OPC-UA, MTconnect and MQTT enable data exchange via the IoTconnector – on the premises or via the Cloud
  • IT security thanks to an integrated firewall and virus blocker with automatic updates to ensure the highest-possible level of protection against external attacks
  • Basis for future applications
Exclusive DMG MORI Technology Cycles

Implement complex processes in a simple manner! 

The 34 exclusive Technology Cycles by DMG MORI are real assistants in the field of workshop-oriented programming for increasing productivity and security, as well as increasing machine capability.  

  • Clear programme structure
  • Up to 60% faster programming
  • Errors are minimised thanks to programming guided by dialogues
  • New technologies (gearSKIVING, grinding)
  • Technology expertise stored in the programme

CELOS APPs in the field of production support the machine operator and ensure continuous digital workflows on the CELOS Machine, as well as in the processes relating to production.


An overview of Integrated Digitization

Find out more about DMG MORI products and solutions for ongoing digitization– from the planning and preparation stages right through to manufacturing, monitoring and service.

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